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A Joker-in-general site, primarily focusing on comics, cartoons, & video games. If the Joker appears in any form of media, there will be updates. This isn't exactly a slash or pairing group, but you will bump into Joker/Batman because the comics do support it (in a completely one-sided way) & I don't restrict what kinds of fanart & fanfics our group members upload. You won't encounter much Joker/Harley because they split up on bad terms in April of 2007, before this group was made. Anyway, we have fanvideo posts, gameplay video posts, comic scans, memes, quizes, cosplay, rumors, photomanipulations, & other fun stuff.

Please, if you talk about the Dark Knight movie, don't talk about the actors who play them. This is about JOKER, not Ledger, Nicholson, Romero, Mark Hamill or Conrad Veidt. Also, this is mostly about comics and cartoons, so we prefer if you don't post too much about the movie ones.

Okaydokey people, you should also check out these couple of rules we have here.

And you people who have yet to join, do realize that all the good stuff (comic scans, episode downloads and some other things) is friend locked, meaning that only the members of this community have an access to them. So if you want to get free comics and other goodies, you have to join this community ;)